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Grilled steaks, fries, salad and milk. Sent from my iPhone Advertisements

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Steaks for the noon meal

And hot dogs to reheat in the microwave later in the week. Sent from my iPhone

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Grief coming out

I have discovered a couple of “drafts” of blogs that I wrote several months ago, but did not publish. I am feeling less timid today, and have decided to publish them. So if they show up in your inbox, and … Continue reading

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Left Behind

This has been a stressful week.  I can’t even remember the days before Saturday.  We didn’t get raptured that day … not that any of us REALLY thought that was going to happen that day … but every one of … Continue reading

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I posted a video a little while ago.  And I was disappointed that I couldn’t post it in the body of my blog.  So it’s just a link.  Then I embedded it in the comments; but of course, one would … Continue reading

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YouTube – ‪The Grand Rapids LipDub (NEW WORLD RECORD)‬‏ Rapids, Michigan is NOT a dying town, Newsweek magazine has retracted as a result of this video, made here this past Sunday. GR is a COOL town!

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