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Heads Up, Writers!

Heads up, Writers!  It’s time to save the world! We need a Charles Dickens, to show us what the census numbers really look like walking; we need a Thomas Paine to tell us just what might really work; we need … Continue reading

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I Will Choose the Picture

This is the photo for Writer’s Block Challenge #54.When I downloaded the photo, the title of it turned out to be “train-station-trey-ratclif.”  Whatever that means.To the right of the photo are possibly windows.  I think I see the hint of … Continue reading

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Second Wind

This was originally posted on Yahoo 360.   Writer’s Block Challenge # 22 (My first time participating.) :     Why would a quiet soul want a scary door? This is not the door to MY heart. If I close my … Continue reading

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Writers Block #52: The Agnostic Shepherd

    This is dismal.  Some have heard angels sing.  Some say that star leads to a faraway hope.  My feet are wet, and I have no idea why it has to snow again tonight.  I am looking for a … Continue reading

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Writers Block Challege # 51

Solace: I am holding up a mirrorIt is holding back the tideAll the monsters that could harm youAre here on the other side You are safe within the vesselSafe is what you’ll always beThough the demons think they see youAll … Continue reading

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My grandparents

The first of my immigrant grandpas was William.  He came to Massachusetts from Scrooby, Nottinghamshire via Leiden, Netherlands in 1620. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mosmd/leaders.htm Shortly after William arrived, my grandpa, Christian, (a Mennonite) came to Pennsylvania, where he died 4 years before the … Continue reading

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Writers Block Challenge # 27

I wish I had a camera that could show the view from me: Peripheral and everything I do and do not see. And it would have to focus without zooming, and should stay Attentive to the details and wide angles … Continue reading

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